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A Very ‘Farmhand’ Lunch

Today I was required to do physical labour. Those who know me will understand that this is possibly my least favourite thing to do. Just thinking about lifting something of moderate weight makes me feel like a nap. It would probably be funny if it wasn’t so sad.

My mother has commissioned me to complete a series of tasks around her backyard which includes the likes of pruning enormous trees, digging up other trees and planting them elsewhere, shoveling compost, more trees, and did I mention digging? I am not a fan of digging.

Anyway I powered through it all, pouring sweat the entire time, and was beginning to consider just dying in one of those holes I’d dug when suddenly the day’s work was done and I was presented with a delicious lunch that my brother had whipped up.

Toasted turkish bread, feta and the finished product

 It was a bruschetta of sorts, but with a lot more than just tomato. My brother tells me he pan toasted the turkish bread in olive oil and then topped it with fried mushrooms, red onion, cucumber, halved cherry tomatoes, red caspsicum and a salty danish feta.

A glistening closeup.

I was quite impressed and the flavours were so good in a simple, rustic way. No garlic was used and I didn’t even notice until I’d finished, but you could add that if you wanted a more traditional bruschetta.

Well my fingers are getting tired from all this typing so I think I’ll finish up. A nap is in order.

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Welcome to my blog, bitches.

For some time now I’ve wanted to create a collaboration of recipes from friends, family and myself. I’m talking favourites; recipes that you always go back to, or those that should be shared because they are unique enough that similar recipes are hard to find.

This will be a place for that. Hopefully over time it will become a resource for dinner ideas and inspiration to get into the kitchen! “What’s for dinner?” is a question I labour over daily, and I know I’m not alone.

I also want to review restaurants in Perth and share photos of food I eat, if it’s worth taking a photo of (most of which isn’t). I enjoy dining at a variety of multicultural eateries which I do quite regularly. I haven’t exactly experienced much fine dining but it’s something I would be interested in trying.

I am an enthusiastic amateur baker, self-taught in most of the skills I’ve learned. I was always the baker in the family. I like baking cakes, muffins, cookies, bread, even cupcakes! (I’m not immune to their charming, yet pretentious ways). I predict that many of my posts will be about my baking achievements and failures; and probably full of tips for readers to avoid such failures as well as recommendations for my favourite brands and supplies.

I should note that I’ve forgotten how to use words and my brain has turned to mush since leaving school so you will have to excuse my madtypehskillz and emphatic use of semi-colons if you intend to stick around.

I hope you find something you like here!

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