Two-Tiered Jellies

We had a couple of packets of jelly in our pantry just sitting around begging to be used, so I put these together. I’m a fan of the newish JellyLite range which has interesting flavours like cranberry & raspberry, dark cherry, pink grapefruit or peach & apricot. My hatred for everything ‘lite’ aside, they are pretty good. For these I used orange & mango with port wine and a few berries. Nothing special, but zig-zag martini glasses make everything more fun.

I have made my own jelly flavours before using various citrus fruits, juices and tea; some successful, most not. One that I did like a lot was ruby grapefruit and mint which I should try again sometime, when grapefruits are in season.

Published in: on May 6, 2011 at 6:30 pm  Comments (2)