Apple & Custard Pastries

I’ve had green apples in the fridge for about a month, and have been feeling guilty about not using them. Today I was thinking about making apple and cinnamon sticky buns, but I was out of butter and didn’t fancy another trip to the supermarket. I was ready to give up on this dream when I spotted some puff pastry in the freezer and decided to experiment.

I love green apples. They are so fresh tasting (and looking) with firm white flesh that stays crisp many weeks after you buy them. Granny Smiths are perfect for cooking with and hold their shape well.

For the pastries I peeled and chopped a couple of apples, which I couldn’t resist photographing.

Then I caramelised them with brown sugar and margarine (I would have used butter if I had it).

I made a super thick custard just using custard powder and milk, and added sugar to sweeten.

I spread some custard on a floured sheet of puff pastry and topped with apple. Then I rolled it up and sliced it into scrolls. It was an extremely messy process, hence the lack of photos. I baked them on lined trays at about 200C for 15 minutes or so.

They taste pretty good I think. Muffy came home and ate about all of them and didn’t throw up after. That usually means success with Muffy.

Dusted with sugar and served with cream

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