Buttermilk Pancakes with Mapled Walnuts

These are the pancakes from my childhood. I’ve tried several different recipes over the years but I keep coming back to this version. They are soft, fluffy and not at all eggy like some tend to be. My favourite way to eat these is with a nice strawberry jam and whipped cream. When I was younger they were almost always eaten with sugar and lemon juice, a classic combination.

This time I thought I’d try something different and use walnuts, which I currently have an abundance of. I candied the nuts in a maple based syrup and just poured that over the pancakes. The flavours were good but the whole thing was just crying out for a scoop of icecream. Bananas would also go exceptionally well with this, but I’m not that rich!

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Mocha Walnut Slice

These have been a family favourite for many years. They’re moist and fudgey like a brownie, but not overly sweet or chocolatey. I like to pack them full of walnuts; which have a soft texture for a nut and complement the flavour of mocha well. It also makes them a little better for you so you can eat twice as many, yes?

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